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Malaysia Airlines offers new Shuttle Fares

December 11, 20192 minute read
Shuttle Fares,Three Day Flash Sale July 2017

The Kuala Lumpur-Singapore flight corridor is acknowledged as the world’s busiest international route, with 30,187 flights, averaging 82 flights a day. The journey takes just over an hour and can be much less if the wind direction is right. So it makes sense to offer appropriate shuttle fares on the route, which Malaysia Airlines has just announced.

For many years the route was tightly controlled, with only Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines sharing the demand. With deregulation a little over 10 years ago, the route has grown and travellers have much more choice. Malaysia Airlines and and their Singapore counterpart have recently signed a codesharing agreement on the route.

New Shuttle Fares offerings

The new Kuala Lumpur-Singapore Shuttle Fare family, launched on 10th December 2019, offers travellers more flexibility. This initiative responds to demands from business and leisure travellers between the two cities wanting more freedom and flexibility, at an attractive price point.

The fares are divided into three fare structures:

  • Business Flex Shuttle
  • Economy Flex Shuttle 
  • Economy Smart Shuttle

These fares allow a number of extra conveniences:

  • flight change to an earlier flight on the same day with no penalty,
  • waiver of fee for dates or flight change,
  • dedicated Shuttle check in counter in both airports:
    • KL International Airport (KLIA)
    • Changi Airport, Singapore.
  • complimentary check-in baggage allowance
    • 40kg for Business Flex Shuttle
    • 35kg for Economy Flex Shuttle
    • 30kg for Economy Smart Shuttle

Promotional fares

Malaysia Airlines is giving discounts of up to 20% off, on all three new fares. Tickets are available until 27th December 2019, for immediate travel until 30th June 2020.
The Shuttle fares are available only on direct flights in both directions between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore on Malaysia Airlines. They are available at and all its appointed travel agents. You can also purchase at Malaysia Airlines ticket offices, and call centres.

Please note:

The new Shuttle fare family replaces the Business Flex, Economy Flex and Economy Smart on the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore return route.

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