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Malaysia Airlines’ new livery takes to the skies

July 11, 20172 minute read
Malaysia Airlines' new livery,year-end offers galore

Malaysia Airlines’ new livery takes to the skies on selected B737-800 aircraft from 10th July 2017. The livery is part of the Negaraku initiative, which incorporates elements of the Malaysian flag in the livery design.

Where can I fly with Malaysia Airlines’ new livery?

This aircraft, registered as 9M-MXS, is the first of several displaying the national flag and will be used on international flights below seven hours. This includes destinations such as Shanghai and Perth. 

Apart from the B737-800 the Malaysia Airlines Group will also be displaying the Negaraku livery on aircraft in subsidiaries MASwings and Firefly. So look out for it on a variety of aircraft types, from the ATR-72-500 aircraft used by Firefly to the new Airbus A350, expected at the end of 2017.

….. The Negaraku livery embraces the spirit of nationalism, carrying with it the essence of the unique Malaysian values across the world. Md Nor Yusof, Malaysia Airlines Group Chairman

In echoing these sentiments, Malaysia Airlines Berhad CEO Peter Bellew, said that Malaysia Airlines is proud to display the Negaraku livery across the world.

…. We, the Malaysia Airlines family, are working hard to rebuild this great airline, making it once again the pride of the nation and this livery is an important symbol of that pride. As the national carrier we proudly bear the Negaraku logo on behalf of each and every Malaysian whose flag we represent worldwide. Peter Bellew

The new designs will be used across the Group. You’ll see them on collaterals, in the sky, on the ground and online. To book your seat, visit or your preferred travel agent.

Malaysia Airlines' new livery
Malaysia Airlines & Negaraku logos
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