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Malaysia AirAsia okays inflight PED use

October 4, 20222 minute read
inflight PED use

Inflight PED use including tablets, iPads and smartphones will be allowed when you travel aboard Malaysia AirAsia (AK) flights. The airline announced on 2nd October that Portable Electronic Devices (PED) may be used in aircraft where this is available. The announcement allows passengers to make full use of their own personal devices and the airasia Super App throughout the flight except during taxi out.

Inflight PED use

First check that your aircraft is equipped with AirAsia WiFi. There should be a wifi symbol at the entrance and displayed within the cabin. You’ll no longer be required to switch off your devices throughout all AK flights, except during the taxi out phase. Cabin Crew will guide passengers via onboard announcements of all changes to any previous restrictions.

……. the provision of allowing guests access to PEDs from gate to gate, further strengthens our efforts to digitalise and enhance our guests’ flying experience – delivering the same accessibility in the air as is available  on the ground. Bo Lingam, Group CEO of AirAsia Aviation Group Limited

He added that many Malaysia AirAsia aircraft are equipped with AirAsia WiFi, giving passengers the option of browsing the internet for business or leisure while onboard. Bo Lingam also added that although this initiative is only applicable to flights by Malaysia AirAsia (AK) for now, they hope to introduce this feature to all other airlines within the Group in the near future. This will require the fit out of appropriate equipment in each aircraft.

…. As the people’s airline, we take all guest feedback very seriously and have many more guest experience innovations and enhancements already under development which we will announce very soon, so stay tuned!

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