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KL/Singapore – take a friend for free on Jetstar

December 8, 201553 second read

It’s always useful to keep an eye out for Jetstar offers because they love to give free stuff. Of course, you do have to read the fine print, because it’s usually only the base fare that’s free unless specified otherwise. You will be responsible to taxes and other charges as shown.

You’ll have to be quick to grab their latest offer for your friend to travel free when you buy a ticket from Kuala Lumpur / Singapore, because the offer ends at 11.59 on 10th December 2015 although they retain the option to extend the offer, or withdraw it if all the tickets sell out earlier.

The tax and other fees for this route is RM34, so it you’re able to pick up a RM79 fare for yourself, including tax, the two of you can fly for RM113.

Do be aware though, that to get back to Kuala Lumpur, even if you get a really cheap base fare, the taxes and fees out of Singapore are the killer – RM102.94 each.

You might like to take the train back perhaps?

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