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KLIA Ekspres announces discounts on new fares

December 31, 20152 minute read
KLIA ekspres

With the raising of fares from RM35 to RM55 for a single ticket on the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit trains between Kuala Lumpur Sentral and Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA effective 1st January 2016, the operators have published a list of discounts that will help to mitigate the pain of the fare rise.

Available savings


Save RM10 if you purchase a Return ticket. Two Single tickets on the KLIA Ekspres will cost you RM110, you’ll pay RM100 for a Return fare.

10% OFF

If you purchase your KLIA Ekspres or KLIA Transit ticket from a self-service kiosk, buy online or using the mobile app, you will get 10% off the normal Single or Return fare, using any credit or debit card.

You will also enjoy the 10% discount if you use a Touch ‘n Go card, for both KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit.

20% OFF

For a discount of 20%, you can use a MasterCard to purchase both KLIA Ekspres Single and Return Ticket online, on the mobile app and at their self-service kiosk. Buying a Return Ticket this way costs RM80, RM40 one way.

20% cash back promotions are also available for Malaysian-issued credit cards from AmBank and UOB, with AmBank extending the offer to KLIA Transit tickets.

Seniors, students and holders of a disability card

We do have a 30% discount for Malaysian senior citizens, holders of OKU disability cards and KADS1M (for local university students). The discount is applicable for purchases made at the ticket counter with proof of ID and is only available for KLIA Transit. It is not available online.

Summary of Offers

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