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Island Hopping in Malaysia

October 30, 20122 minute read

This is a question from my personal Facebook page received tonight with my response. If you’re headed to Malaysia this summer this may help you too! 🙂

Q. Hey Cam, have you been to Penang island and would you rate it, thinking of going late feb and have booked flights to kl only so far.
A. I sure have. I only went for a day trip and that was lovely. I definitely recommend it. If you’re going to Malaysia I’d also recommend Langkawi which is between KL and Penang. You could get cheap flights from KL to Langkawi then onto Penang. If you’re staying in the city in KL for a couple days first I recommend flying with FireFly as they use the city airport (Subang) which is much easier than heading back out to KLIA to fly Air Asia (70km from the city). Haven’t been to Langkawi but it’s more of an island paradise so I’ve heard it’s beautiful.. Penang was great for sightseeing and historical aspects. Let me know if you want to know any more about it all. 🙂

Note: The fares I purchased through Firefly at Easter of 2012, were only MYR110 (AUD34) from KL-Penang return! A fantastic deal!

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