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GTF2018 is packed with things to see and do

August 1, 20184 minute read

The George Town FestivalGTF2018 starts this weekend, with a showcase performance celebrating the arts of Kelantan. There’s also a pre=festival programme starting today 1st August, if you’re already in town. The programme includes a wide range of events, including live performances, workshops, exhibitions, talks and readings, film screenings, as well as various other activities.

Altogether, #GTF2018 has over a hundred events at this year’s Festival, and as in other years, most are free! The Full Programme List has the full list of events with locations and a short description. To select the events on your preferred dates, scroll down the page and find the red dots with the whole list of dates.

Tickets are still available for these highlight weekend shows, so check them out and use the link to book directly.

GTF2018 Ticketed events

Weekend 1: 4th-5th August

Kelantan: A Living Heritage
4 & 5 Aug, 8:30pm, Dewan Sri Pinang
The GTF opening show celebrating Kelantan, an ancient and traditional stronghold of Malay culture. Click here for tickets and more information.
Between Tiny Cities
 4 & 5 Aug, various times, Loft 29
Dancers from Phnom Penh and Darwin use the movement styles of their shared hip-hop culture in b-boy battle. Click here for tickets and more information.

Weekend 2: 10th-12th August

Yaron Kohlberg Feat. Ciaran Mcauley & PPO
10 & 11 Aug, 8:30pm, Dewan Sri Pinang
The celebrated pianist performs with Conductor Ciaran McAuley and Penang Philharmonic Orchestra. Click here for tickets and more information.
11 & 12 Aug, 8:30pm, The Star Pitt St.
“iPuppad” theatre on the theme of memory and how we tie our memories to places and objects. Click here for tickets and more information.

Weekend 3: 17th-19th August

Isle Of Dreams
18 & 19 Aug, 8:30pm, Dewan Sri Pinang
A mythological musical show featuring Nanguan & Beiguan music with puppetry and ritual dance. Click here for tickets and more information.
Second Body 
17 & 18 Aug, 8:30pm, Loft 29
A dark stage. A dancer with light projected on to her skin. Welcome to the performance generating an out-of-body experience. Click here for tickets and more information.

Weekend 4: 24th-26th August

Under The Kayon Tree
25 & 26 Aug, 8:30pm, Dewan Sri Pinang
Bringing to life Malaysian legends and folklore with some of Malaysia’s finest storytellers. Click here for tickets and more information.
We Cannot Talk About It
24 & 25 Aug, 8:30pm, Loft 29
A dark and gripping theatrical performance taking you through intense expressions of suppressed life. Click here for tickets and more information.

Weekend 5: 31st August -2nd September

31 Aug & 1 Sep, time & route TBC
Men and women, covered in clay and blindfolded, slowly roam the streets of George Town. Click here for more information. Tickets aren’t required for this event, but you need to register if you want to be one of the artists..
Breach & Quinn Presents: Score
31 Aug & 1 Sep, various times, The Star Pitt St.
An atmospheric, musically dazzling homage to Film Noir. Click here for tickets and more information.

What are we looking forward to most?

Because we can only be in town for one weekend, we have to choose carefully. We’re leaning towards the storytelling on the 4th weekend, because these are Malaysian legends that are disappearing from the public narrative. The storytellers and composer are well known Malaysian practitioners of their art. Narrated by the inimitable Shantini Venugopal, music composed by Jyotsna Prakash.

Having enjoyed the The Liars Walk in a previous GTF, we’re really pleased that there are many more chances to join in. We’re specially pleased there are two different walks available on more than one weekend. It’s a really fun activity, interactive and introduces you to some of the lesser known stories of familiar spots around the historical core zone.

Festival Lounge

If you’d like to relax, buy tickets, have a cuppa or even charge your phone, you can socialise with other festival-goers at the official GTF Festival Lounge from 28th July to 1st September. Find the Lounge above the Canteen at China House in Lebuh Pantai, and enjoy 20% off hot beverages and cakes from China House when you’re in the Lounge. 

images ©GTF2018/LL

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