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Customer Happiness focus in new AirAsia Customer Care

March 7, 20183 minute read
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Customer Happiness is to be the new name for the AirAsia customer service team. This new initiative is a response to the recognition that despite various digital era options, customers want more personalised service. To achieve this objective, AirAsia has teamed up with global customer relationship management leader Salesforce to improve customer experience.

The plan to build Customer Happiness

The new Customer Happiness support will be available across  eight countries, giving AirAsia service agents a single view of all cases from all support channels. Regardless of the type of contact – web, phone, email, live chat or airport communications, the complete history will be available. This will enable the raising of the level of personalised service.

….. Complaints are free market research. Someone took the effort to write to you to tell you where things went wrong and how they should be improved. These are things that companies pay a lot of money for consultants to tell them that same thing so we treat every complaint preciously. I strongly urge our guests to make full use of the official support channels below for the fastest resolution by our amazing customer happiness team led by Mimi Phua. AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes

He added that Salesforce underpins the company’s customer focused  approach as it gives AirAsia a complete view of their guests across all channels. All queries are to be addressed through these available channels.

What’s on offer?

Support is available in eight languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean. However, not all channels are available in all languages.

The airline will deploy Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud as part of its strategy to create faster and more personalised service for its customers.

The Salesforce Community Cloud powers the AirAsia support community in eight different languages. This empowers guests to self-serve more effectively, with a knowledge database.

This enables AirAsia to

  • boost service standards,
  • raise productivity levels and capabilities of their service agents and
  • continue raising the bar for the airline industry
…. In today’s competitive landscape, airlines need to be attuned to customers’ needs, sometimes before they know it. …….. Salesforce is uniquely positioned to help Air Asia on its journey to customer centricity and is proud to be its strategic technology partner. Mark Innes, EVP and General Manager, Salesforce Asia Pacific

Choose your preferred customer support method at AirAsia customer support. Apart from FAQs for various areas, they have links for Live Chat, Twitter, email and call centres. 

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This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. Dear sir,
    I have travelled several times in all airlines so far,but for the firsr time i booked your Air asia and i got the worst experience ever… Such drastic reschedules from chennai to bangalore and blore to chennai airport… I regret to say i was really unsatisfied with time delay in flights.
    I would also like to mention i would rather take a bus/ train rather than booking your Air ASIA flights bocoz we book the flight to save our time and to reach the destination on time… Seriously dissappointed AIR ASIA

    1. Hi. Sounds like this is an ideal opportunity for you to test the system. I gather your flights were on India AirAsia. Please give AirAsia your feedback. Feel free to share with our readers, any response, positive or not, that you receive.

  2. I dont want to leave a response to the above, I want to find out how to get fair treatment from AirAsia Customer ‘Happiness’ ? department. I’ve spent over a month corresponding and phoning AirAsia about the credit account I was offered in place of a refund. The email from AirAsia Support says “we would like to offer you a Credit Account for your booking PTKW3K, provided a NEW point-to-point booking is made with the correct passenger’s details. Please note that we would only be able to create the Credit Account for ******, AFTER you have made a new booking. Therefore, Kindly share with s the NEW booking number but replying to this email and we will proceed with the Credit Account the old booking ******.
    Look forward to your reply,
    Customer Happiness
    AirAsia ”

    I sent the NEW booking number for my mother’s flight to visit her 92 year old brother in NZ and from that point on I have been given the run around. The person I was dealing with is no longer dealing with me and I am given Ms Ally in his place. She is hard to follow. Unfortunately, it appears today, I have been blocked from my AirAsia account being told ‘login attempt failed’. My emails are not received, I’m told this by an automated return email and my Case number has being rejected.

    I do not know what to do about this. I have lost $350 Australian dollars and my mother’s flight has cost almost $700. We are both pensioners. There is no Economy Travel here and/or Customer Service, least of all Customer Happiness.
    How can this happen in Australia?
    Please Explain. Thanking you in advance

    1. Hi Helen,
      I’m sorry to hear of your experience with AirAsia. Economy Traveller is not part of AirAsia, but I do have contacts there. I will contact them to see what they can do to help. The airline does have a representative in Sydney, I may also be able to put you in touch with him. Please give me a day or so.

  3. Don’t waste time on air asia. just remember one thing, good thing doesn’t come cheap, and cheap is airasia. if you want to avoid trouble flying, avoid airasia all over. yes they are cheap but after adding with all the trouble arises later, it will become expensive. always delayed, customer service sucks, the cabin smells weird and noisy too. to much talking, selling stuff and other promotion. avoid them all over

    1. Hi Jesus, your anecdote hardly describes the vast majority of AirAsia flights we’ve taken and isn’t very helpful to other flyers. In the hundreds of flights that we’ve flown, we’ve had experiences like this on nearly all airlines. Do you have a specific instance that you’d care to share with us?

    2. Hi Jesus, My experience is that AirAsia are very reliable as in I’ve never had a flight delayed or cancelled, they are professional and I enjoy flying with them. None of what you are saying makes sense to me except the customer service comment. If you need customer service it’s a definite battle.

    1. Hi Naveen,
      It should be OK, if you’re within your weight allowance. However, because the x-ray machines may flag it as unusual, you may be called to identify it, so make sure you pack it so you can remove it easily for inspection if necessary.

  4. Hi sir im so stress i failed to make payment for my meals and its effected my booking how can i fix this my flight is around the corner already

  5. Hi. I have problem to make a payment on purchase og baggage & meal on board. Could u assist me. This my booking ref. No. BxxxxxX
    Pls respon me urgently. Tq

    1. Hi Lilly, we are not travel agents, or agents for AirAsia so we’re unable to assist you here. Please contact AirAsia online using their chatbot at the lower right hand corner of their screen. I’ve hidden your booking number for your privacy.

  6. Please let us know when will my account be
    credited for voluntary cancellation of my booking
    during covit19. My references are 4xxxxxx and

    My account is supposed to be credited by 29 March.

    Nicholas xxxxx

    1. Hi, We are not booking agents or support staff for AirAsia or any other airline. You will have to contact the airline directly to check on your credit. The details are in the article. I have removed your personal details to protect your privacy.

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