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Boeing’s first B787-10 goes to Singapore Airlines

March 27, 20173 minute read

Singapore Airlines will be the launch customer for the latest variant of the Boeing Dreamliner model 787-10 which rolled off the assembly line late last month. The B787-10 is significantly larger than the B787-9, carrying three hundred and thirty passengers in a typical two-class configuration. This is 14% more than the numbers carried in the B787-9, along with a cargo enhancement of 15%.

The Singapore Airlines order for the aircraft will enable further growth and modernisation over the next decade. The initial order of 30 Boeing 787-10 aircraft will be used on medium-haul routes and the airline has recently signed a letter of intent for nineteen additional aircraft.

Singapore Airlines has not yet released details of specific routes or the aircraft’s cabin configuration. These details will be shared closer to the B787-10’s entry into service.

The B878-10 is 5.5 metres longer than the 878-9, which makes the 878-8 the baby, another 6m shorter again. This firmly places the new variant in the class of large aircraft, although it is slightly smaller than the older Boeing 747-400.

How does the B787-10 stack up beside the B747-400

Apart from the size difference, the main differences are:

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  • The new B787-10 costs more, but fuel efficiency reduces the cost per nautical mile – a long term benefit.
  • The B747-400 wins the distance race, with a longer range, but loses the payload race significantly. The 787-10 Dreamliner able to carry over 30,000kg more than the Jumbo.

For the passenger

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  • The Jumbo can carry a lot more passengers when configured to full capacity. Typical and maximum setup configurations for the Dreamliner are much closer than in the B747, so passengers can expect a similar amount of personal space whichever airline they fly.
  • iPod Connection expected to be a standard feature in the Dreamliner B787-10.
  • Despite smaller external dimensions for the Dreamliner, the interior space (apart from length) is not much different from the Jumbo.

What does this mean for passengers?

Obviously, the B747 can fly further and can potentially carry a lot more passengers but that’s not necessarily a plus for passengers. With only 300 or so fellow travellers on the Dreamliner instead of over 500 on a fully stuffed 747-400, you’ll have your bags and be long gone before your friend travelling on the Jumbo.

Which airlines will fly the B787-10?

The current order list of 153 aircraft is spread across nine airlines and lessors, which means that other airlines may use the aircraft on a lease arrangement.

B878-10 customers


See the assembly of the first Boeing Dreamliner 787-10 in just under a minute.

Watch the First Flight on 31st March 2017.

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