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AirAsia’s “Home Tag” goes live

April 21, 20152 minute read

AirAsia’s “Home Tag” has made a successful debut in Johor Bahru, whereby passengers can now print their own luggage tag at home as they perform web check-in.

This will help save time as you just need to print the tag at the same time as your boarding pass, on an A4 sheet of paper.

This service, currently only available for passengers travelling out of Senai International Airport allows you to insert the “Home Tag” into a ‘Home Tag Sleeve’ (plastic cover) provided at the airport, which is then attached to the bag. The bag can then be deposited at the Self Bag-Drop counter upon arrival at the airport. **TIP  Now that the service has begun operation, collect a few extra Home Tag Sleeves the first time so you have your bags fully ready even before you leave home in future.

Following the successful deployment at Senai International Airport for flights from Johor Bahru – Kuching and Johor Bahru – Kuala Lumpur, the feature will be implemented for all flights departing Johor Bahru in the near future with later expansion throughout the rest of the the AirAsia regional network.

 Advice from AirAsia to help you print your “Home Tag”:

At Home:
  • Conduct Web Check-In, and choose to print your ‘Home Tag’ together with your boarding pass
At the Airport:
  • Bring along the printed ‘Home Tag’ with you to the airport. Ensure that your bag is not above the weight limit that you have purchased
  • Proceed to the Self Bag-Drop counter, where you will be handed a ‘Home Tag Sleeve’ (plastic holder) for your ‘Home Tag’
  • Place the printed ‘Home Tag’ accordingly into the plastic holder, and tag it to the bag you intend to check-in
  • Scan the ‘Home Tag’ at the Self Bag-Drop counter, and your bag is ready to get to its destination

The range of AirAsia Self-Service options is now complete with the announcement of ‘Home Tag’ and ‘Self Bag Drop’ which was announced earlier this month. Other Self-Service options include Self Check-In via web, mobile or kiosk and Self Bag Tag.

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