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AirAsia’s Barista on board

April 24, 20152 minute read
AirAsia award

Real Coffee takes to the skies

Have you ever looked at the AirAsia menu and wished you could have a cup of REAL coffee – brewed coffee, not instant or three-in-one?

Well, now you can, as the low-cost carrier is now offering premium handcrafted coffee – Espresso, Long Black, Cappuccino and Café Latte on board selected flights with the introduction of AirAsia’s Barista In The Skies.

Your favourite brews are now available on selected AK flights over two hours in duration at RM8 per cup. AirAsia have trained a number of their flight attendants as professional baristas to prepare and serve the T&Co premium handcrafted coffee.

There has obviously been strong demand for premium coffee on board AirAsia flights and the people who make the menu decisions have listened.

AirAsia Head of Commercial, Spencer Lee said, “There has always been Since introducing T&Co’s range of products into our in-flight menu in late 2013, we noticed an upward trend in demand for good coffee. Feedback from our guests is extremely valuable to us and we are proud to introduce our Barista In The Skies who will be serving our guests with premium coffee at very affordable prices.”

“As we launch this product today, we have 10 AirAsia Malaysia aircraft that are equipped with the T&Co espresso machines, offering handcrafted coffee by our skilled baristas. As we progress, the machines will be installed into more aircraft across the entire AirAsia network. We are always on the lookout for new products and look forward to offer our guests an enhanced in-flight experience,” added Spencer Lee.

AirAsia have worked with T&Co to develop a special Altitude BlendTM using high altitude A Grade Robusta beans from South America and Asia, which are lightly roasted to create an intense blend with a sweeter and more delicate taste.

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