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AirAsia introduces a new baggage pricing policy

January 18, 20163 minute read
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Netizens are already jumping up and down about the increases in AirAsia’s baggage prices. We’ve got all the info here, so you can check exactly how the change in pricing will affect you.

New Baggage Pricing Structure

With the new baggage pricing structure, pre-booking checked baggage via Manage My Booking will be subjected to an additional charge on top of the current price. Basically, that means, you pay more if you don’t add baggage straight away when you make the initial booking but add it later through the ‘Manage my booking’ feature.

This new checked baggage pre-booked pricing applies to all flights (carrier codes: AK, FD, QZ, Z2, i5, D7, XT, XJ) except bookings made for flights originating from Indonesia and India.

How do I still enjoy savings with the new pricing structure?

Pre-book checked baggage allowance when you book your flights as checked baggage booked after the completion of the initial flight booking process will be charged at a higher price.

This table shows the difference when you pre-book checked baggage for a one-way flight Kuala Lumpur to Singapore:
Checked baggage 20kg
Currency Pricing during initial flight booking Pricing after initial flight booking
MYR 45 52

Before you get too excited, you’ll be pleased if you pay the extra through ‘Manage my Booking’, because if you wait until you get to the airport, that’s where the pain really hits!

This table shows how excess baggage (i.e. not pre-paid either at initial booking or before going to the airport) will be charged:
Currency Pricing after initial flight booking Airport counter rate
Checked baggage 20kg Airport baggage (15kg) + Excess baggage (5kg) = Total check-in weight (20kg)
MYR 52 355
How much will my luggage cost?

As the baggage cost varies depending on the currency you use to pay, you can check the applicable costs for your flights using this link – enter your departure location and destination.

Check the weight before you head for the airport!

IMG_3044Now you know how much you can carry, get yourself a digital bag scale. The price has come down considerably since we bought our ‘brick’ some years ago, and there are quite a few types on the market. Many of the airlines sell these from their online or on-board stores, or you can purchase at travel stores.

Ours is a reliable and well known brand, Balanzza and you should be able to pick up either this one or a new smaller model. This one was purchased on board one of our flights and I have seen it in a number of in-flight sales booklets.

We have always found the measurements to be accurate.

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. I want to add some extra weight in my flight Kolkata to Bali tonight. So it’s 5 kg extra can u give me price for that

    1. You’ll have to do it via Manage my booking. Log in and select the flight and you should be able to do it from there. Do it as early as you can, as I believe there is a cut-off time before departure for you to do this. The cost depends on how much extra you want to add and how much you already have. It is less expensive to do it online that at the airport.

  2. If i buy 20kg and my bag only holds 16kg can i use another bag to make up my 20kg. Jest star said i could only put 1 bag thru even tho it weighs 16kg. So i decided to fly air Asia hopping if i buy 20kg then thats what i can put thu.

    Hooe u can help

    1. We do that all the time when we use AirAsia and have never had any problem. You pay for the weight, not the number of bags. Some airlines do have a weight/bag restriction, but AirAsia doesn’t do that.

  3. if I purchase extra baggage up to 30kg and I only have a surfboard bag with say 4 boards in it and it only weights 25kg will my extra cost to get to 30kg cover this , as I know they have a new surfboard policy that allows I board.

    1. Hi Chris,
      I checked with AirAsia and received this reply:
      “- Baggage weight and Sports Equipment weight are 2 different add-ons, baggage weight CANNOT be used for sports equipment such as surfboards.
      – According to Free Surfboard policy, 1 surfboard of up to 15kg is free for each guest traveling in/out of any Australia destinations
      – In your reader’s case, 4 surfboards in the same case/bag of about 25kg, only 15kg can be waived according to the free surfboard policy.
      – So the guest must pre-book sports equipment 15kg (it goes by 15kg, 20kg, 25kg) for the remaining weight. Failing to do so the remaining weight will be charged as excess baggage at the airport as the guest checks in.”

      They added that

      “Our feedback above is only based on our understanding of your query. Your reader is advised to check with our customer care personnel directly through published channels on for further details.”

      It looks like you will get 15kg free, but I suggest you follow the advice and email them for a specific reply to help you with your calculation.


  4. Hi i want to buy an excess 10kgs can I buy it online? I’m going home on sunday and according to my ticket it indicated there for only have 20kgs and 7kgs hand carry but I think I exceed the 20kgs to can you help me.

  5. Hello, im going to Kuala Lumpur from Hangzhou, i want to know how much Kgs allowed for economy class passengers to carry ?

    1. Hi, AirAsia / AirAsia X are low cost airlines and the price quoted doesn’t include baggage or meals etc. If you have already made your booking, you can add these through ‘Manage my Booking’. If you are travelling with others on the same booking, you can combine your baggage, so if you want to save, you can select what you will need together and put this under one name. It is cheaper to add extras like baggage during your initial booking. For hand carry, you are allowed 7kg per passenger. They are strict about this.

  6. I already purchased 40kg i have 2 heavy 30 inch luggage..but i felt that both my bags exceeded that limit since its too heavy and i dont have weigh scale to estimate. can I purchase extra luggage?should i buy another bag to transfer some of the things and being charged for another extra baggage or just let the two heavy luggage being charged .can you please give some advice so stressful packing snd unpacking.

    1. Hi Aina, yes, packing can be very stressful! A luggage scale is a very good investment as you can have a good idea of what you have before you go to the airport. Our suggestion is to buy an extra bag if the ones you have are already very heavy as airlines generally limit each piece to an a limit of 32kg for health and safety reasons. It is a lot better to buy any extra baggage allowance before you leave for the airport as excess baggage charges are very much more expensive. You can buy the luggage scale at most luggage shops. May your travels go smoothly.

  7. Hi i have purchased 25kg baggage Air Asia. If i want to upgrade before i fly to 30kg do i just pay the difference between 25kg that i have already paid and what the new charge of 30kg will be or do they charge me the whole amount again for 30kg on top of what i have already paid? Thanks

    1. They’ll charge you the difference. To find out the amount you need to pay (it’s dependent on route – international/domestic etc) you’ll need to use Manage My Booking.

    1. Baggage charges vary depending on route/sector and when you purchase the baggage. If iy is extra allowance you purchase after the initial ticket purchase, it is more expensive than it was initially, but less than excess baggage charged at the airport. To find out the cost, you’ll need to go to ‘My bookings’ and enter your flight details.

    2. I want to add 20 kg in my flights
      XXXXXXX to XXXXXXX, xx.xx.2020
      (Booking Ref XXXXX, Passanger XXXXX)
      XXXXX to XXXXX xx.xx.2020
      And XXXXXX to XXXXX xx.xx.2020

      I tried to add on but failed. Plewse suggest me or contact +xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx


      1. Hi,
        Economy Traveller is not an agent of any airline, and we are neither authorised nor able to assist you to manage your booking. You have more than a month to make the changes, so I suggest you continue to try to log in and manage the changes on the airline’s website. Please note that I have hidden your travel and personal details.

    1. If you want more than the website allows you to book, you’ll need to contact them. If you are travelling with other people on the same booking, you are allowed to combine your baggage, so you can add more that way as well. (e.g. Passenger 1 – 40kg, Passenger 2 – 10 kg, or whatever you need.)

    1. You can see the pricing when you book. There is a drop down list of various options depending on your route. You can also use ‘My bookings’if you want to add more baggage after you have booked. It is cheaper to buy baggage when you book than to add it later.

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