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Air ticket sales? Finding the best prices

September 10, 20153 minute read
finding the best fares

Much as we’d love to update our readers on every sale that comes up, it’s really just not possible. Sales last for varying times and are usually subject to availability with a certain number of seats at that special price for a given day/campaign. So when they’ve gone, that’s it, even if the sale period is technically still on. We have a few tips on finding the best fares.

Holiday periods and even weekend days vary around the world and you can often pick up a good deal if you are going to the destination when the people who live there are leaving. The downside is that you may need to pay more for accommodation because locals holidaying nearby are also competing for rooms. A good example is Easter in Australia – a four day weekend and school holidays makes the roads busy, flights are harder to get and more expensive and accommodation comes at a premium.

Try to avoid China during their school holidays and especially the week around National Day, 1st October – public transport – trains buses and planes are all full and the ‘places to see’ are truly ‘heaving with humanity’ Very orderly, but the queues are long.

Muslim countries are best avoided during the annual Eid/Hari Raya and Haj holidays largely because people take the opportunity to take a break and transport is an issue. Accommodation may not be so difficult to find in the cities, but beaches and resorts are usually full.

That said, how do you find the best prices? At the time or writing, mid September 2015, we could let you know about lots of sales happening right now.For example – Lufthansa is offering great sale fares to Europe including some very attractive fares in their Premium Economy listing. Expedia has some great offers for flights, hotels and cruises and AirAsia is offering RM0 Fares across their network until 13th September. Malaysian commuter airline Firefly has fares at RM29 for domestic destinations and Jetstar, Scoot and Virgin Australia have their regular ‘flash sale’ offerings on different days.

The best way to keep up to date with what your preferred airlines are offering is to get yourself onto their email list. You will receive plenty of offers that will make you want to holiday every week, often with priority booking privileges.

Many airlines, particularly the low cost airlines have regular special offer days or dates. It’s handy to know when to watch for these and plan accordingly.

There’s also another way for the patient ones – there are a number of flight price matching sites which will match up your requirements and offer you different options and prices. We’ve tried a few and while some are easy to follow, some are quite complex and the layout may not make it easy to actually find the best price at the time you want. Some of these sites allow you to place your booking through their site, although they may charge a hefty fee which can cancel out the potential savings made. Others are purely search engines which will match what you want and recommend airlines. You must then go to the airline to place the booking. Sometimes there are conditions attached which didn’t come up in the price match (no luggage, restricted to certain flights, blackout periods etc). Because there are so many variables, we’re not making any recommendations as you may need to try a few before you find one you are comfortable with.

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