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A new way to pack – take your shelves with you

June 18, 201547 second read
suitcase with shelves

When we found this little beauty – essentially a suitcase with shelves – the first thought was ‘What a good idea’.

We’ve contacted the manufacturer for more details, particularly regarding the weight, which may be an important issue especially in regions where luggage is accepted by weight rather than number of pieces. We’ll update this information as soon as it is available.

What do you get?

  • Four built-in shelves
  • Retractable supports to keep shelves stable when extended
  • No need to unpack
  • Three spacious outer pocket compartments
  • Rolls on a pair of Easy-glide ball-bearing wheels
  • Trolley handle is retractable

How big?

  • High capacity case, total volume 7000 cubic inches (about .15 cubic metre)
  • Dimensions given are 
  • length 28” (71cm)
  • width 18.5” (47cm)
  • depth 14” (36cm)
  • with a fully extended height of the shelves 42” (107cm)

The bag is currently available online, direct from the manufacturer.

You can get more information or place an order on the ShelfPack website.

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