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Sign up for AirAsia #GREEN24 and win

January 21, 20163 minute read

If you’re a resident in Malaysia and want to do something #GREEN, why not take part in the AirAsia #GREEN24 Challenge which seeks to inspire community projects around Malaysia. Register by 27th January 2016 and the best community project will win 24 AirAsia return flights to the winners choice of destination!

How can I take part?

Although the campaign is aimed at making a difference in countries across the region, you need to be living in Malaysia (you don’t have to be a Malaysian citizen) to take part in the Challenge. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Follow these 5 steps….

  1. Download the registration form at the #GREEN24 website
  2. Plan and organise a community project to be carried out anytime from 29th to 30th January 2016
  3. Complete the registration form and email it to [email protected] by 27th January 2016
  4. Carry out the planned project within 24 hours – 29th to 30th January 2016 and hashtag #GREEN24Challenge on the specified social media channels listed in the registration form
  5. Submit a report of the project, based on the report template by 5th February 2016 via email to [email protected]
…. #GREEN24 is a regional initiative, and throughout the 24-hour period from 29 to 30 January 2016, offices all across AirAsia group will be organising various activities with their respective communities. Our affiliates in Thailand are organising a reef clean-up while our offices in Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia are holding education programmes on recycling and planting trees by the river to avoid erosion. These are just a few of the examples of the things taking place.  We hope to create more awareness among Malaysians on the effects of climate change by inviting the public to participate in this challenge and be a part of the #GREEN24 movement. The amount of environmentally friendly actions that an individual can take on is limitless. It begins with finding an interest that will serve as the catalyst to create beneficial communal projects for this challenge and every action that we take will make a difference to our planet. We look forward to all your participation in this #GREEN24 Challenge. Aireen Omar, CEO, AirAsia Berhad

AirAsia’s #GREEN24 campaign was launched last November as part of the airline’s Corporate Social Responsibility. The initial activity saw over 150 volunteers from across the AirAsia Group and Tune Group of companies come together to clean the Kanching Rainforest Waterfall in Rawang. Nearly 600kg of garbage was collected in 90 minutes during the waterfall clean-up.

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