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Lufthansa spreads some Diwali joy

October 6, 20153 minute read

Lufthansa have launched a campaign which has the potential to grant you and a loved one a special Diwali wish this festive season. Diwali (also known as Deepavali in some countries) is a major Indian Hindu festival celebrated around the world by the Indian diaspora. The festival, which falls this year on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 signifies the spiritual victory of light over darkness.

To enter you need to first register with your email and then select up to 10 friends who will receive wishes from Lufthansa on your behalf. You will receive a code to enter which you need to submit to enter the draw.

Your wish can also help you Light up a Life

The programme aims to “to brighten up thousands of lives by supporting children in need through help alliance projects in India. The projects listed here will receive help on your behalf with the ‘Light up a life’ objective as shared below. Your wishes will enable us to reach our goal. Together, let’s make it happen!”

Light up a life

Brighten up a child’s life. Your wishes will help children in need through help alliance projects in India.

The Sunshine Project in New Delhi gives access to food, schooling and medical care. This current will also provide school uniforms to 160 slum children. Read more about the Sunshine Project.

The Prana Project was originally founded to help those affected by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. The project has expanded into a number of longer term programmes in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, targeting the disadvantaged to ensure that the destitute and people with special needs do not have to rely on begging to survive.

Breads, the Bangalore Rural Education and Development Society (BREADS) has, for the past 16 years, worked towards the rehabilitation and empowerment of poor and needy street children in Bangalore through the provision of access to nearby schooling, boarding facilities, education assistance, healthcare and psychological support.

The Child Sponsoring Circle India works in rural India to provide help for self-help in a sustainable way helping more than three thousand children in the Khandwa region in Madhya Pradesh. The provision of boarding schools has assisted these children to develop their potential with access to schooling and health care.

Light up a heart

Fly away to be with the one you love! Your friend and you could both win a ticket with your Diwali wish! You can sign up HERE.

Illuminate a plane

Your wish will add Diwali lights to illuminate a Lufthansa plane – a digital marvel for the Festival of Lights!

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