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KL Sentral Guide : Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

April 17, 201711 minute read
KL Sentral

KL Sentral is the main station in Kuala Lumpur for all Commuter, Intercity, Light Rail, MRT and Airport services. Airport Buses also use this as their hub and a number of long distance buses pick up and drop passengers here. As the website focuses more on the general corporate development of the space, we share here some tips to finding your way around, to get to the services you need.

***NOTE: There have recently been some changes made in the main concourse with the opening of the link to the MRT. We will add photos asap.

The changes include:

  • The food court opposite the entrance to the LRT has moved upstars, above the Intercity Train Departure area. .
  • In its place is another entry/exit to the LRT which runs above. This has helped with crowds, especially during rush hour.
  • The lockers near the toilets at the north end of the Concourse have been moved. They’re now upstairs beside the Intercity train Departure. There is also an AirAsia ticket counter here.
  • The entrance to the MRT connection is beside MacDonalds, at the northern end of the concourse. You can also reach the Hilton & La Meridian hotels using this passage. There are a few coffee shops along the passage as well as the Tourist Information Centre and KLIA Transit Arrival area.

KL Sentral Facilities

Despite the lack of a layout map on KL Sentral website, they do have a fairly impressive range of services which cater to both commuters and visitors. The building is quite well signposted, with the signs above you, as well as many at eye level. ** There is another website you can try, though this may be ‘under maintenance’.

The station is known as Kuala Lumpur Sentral or Sentral Kuala Lumpur or simply KL Sentral and is a transit-oriented development housing the main railway station of Kuala Lumpur. KL Sentral does not replace its predecessor, Kuala Lumpur Station, it has been developed to act as a transit hub. The old station, one stop closer to the city, is still in use. It’s a short walk to Central Market and Chinatown so stay on the train if that’s where you’re going.
The station is collectively owned by the main tenants –  Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Commuter and intercity trains), Rapid KL (LRT service and buses) and Express Rail Link, which runs the Express rail link to the airport KLIA/KLIA2.     

Transport options

There are a number of transport options available for travellers arriving or departing Kuala Lumpur via KL Sentral. Most of the services are either within to main building or just outside (taxis and buses) and some are a short connecting walk away. The map in the link has recently been updated.

KTM Intercity / Antarabandar

KTM Intercity and Antarabandar trains are the long distance services that will take you north, south and to the east of peninsular Malaysia.  International ‘Antarabandar’ trains link you through to Bangkok and Singapore. These include the day and night trains and electric train services (ETS).

To access the platforms for the long distance trains, you need to go up to the first level above the main concourse. There are steps and escalators at the northers end of the building and lifts behind the stairs – follow the signs. The Komuter services are accessed from the Concourse level.

**Please note. The intercity train platforms are currently being upgraded. You can either wait for your train outside the entrance to the platform  (it’s signposted, beside the Komuter entrance) or wait on the chairs at the Departure area upstairs. The upgrading is expected to last until some time in 2019.

Intercity Train tickets can be purchased online or at any railway station, up to 30 days ahead.

KTM Komuter

Commuter services are provided by KTM Komuter and cover quite a wide range along two main lines which meet and cross at KL Sentral. Services are being improved as the number of train sets increases and frequency is increased to 4-5 per hour during peak hours.

Weekend service may be somewhat infrequent, with services stretching to 45 minutes between trains during non-peak hours. Most of the trains use a six carriage arrangement, with two carriages in the middle designated ‘women only’ units.

Download the app from the KTMB website to see the schedule and when your train will arrive. Please note that the KTM website is not in English. Right click anywhere on the page to translate.

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

The Light Rail Transit (LRT) is owned by Rapid KL  and connects two similar services (LRT and Star) which meet at the southern end point of both lines (Putra). You can also transfer between lines at Masjid Jamek Station in the city centre. These trains are driverless, so if you want the experience of seeing where you’re going, line up at the first carriage spot. The service is frequent, with trains running between 4 and 10 minutes apart depending on the time of day.

Save money on your tickets by using either a Touch’nGo card or a myrapid card. The savings can be significant if you are going to use the service and the myrapid card offers concessions for different types of passengers.

KLIAEkspres and KLIAtransit

KLIAEkspres is the fast rail link that connects KL Sentral and Kuala Lumpur Airport KLIA and KLIA2. There are two types of train, the KLIA Ekspres runs direct to KLIA and then on to KLIA2.

The tickets and access to the Express trains is in the South East corner of the Station. For the Transit trains, the counter is at the south end of the main concourse.

KLIA Transit takes only a few minutes longer than the express train to get to the airport, but stops at a number of stations along the way. Stops include Bandar Tasik Selatan, from where you can transfer to the LRT (Star) or Komuter trains or catch an intercity bus.

Buses and Taxis

The ticket counter for long distance buses is in the western hall, behind the airline check-in counters. Rapid KL buses leave from the South entrance, downstairs. Use the lift, steps or escalator by going through the doors at the back of the staircase leading up to Nu Sentral. There’s not a lot of comfortable space to wait, so it would be a good idea to sort out your tickets and then go upstairs for a drink or meal. Go downstairs 5-10 minutes before your bus will depart.

There are many companies operating bus services to KLIA and KLIA2, so you should be able to purchase a ticket and leave within a short time. It is possible to purchase a ticket online beforehand, although there is usually an extra charge for this service. Allow at least an hour for your journey.

Taxis can be found at the at North entrance entrance of the station, up the steps. There is a taxi rank just outside the main door opposite the hotel entrances. Look for the Coupon Counter if you are more comfortable with paying a pre-agreed fare (there should be a list for you to check). If you are familiar with your destination and the distance, you could look for a metered taxi but be warned that they often ask for extra when leaving from the Station.

**TIP – if you have the appropriate app installed, there are legal ride sharing services available in Malaysia. This is also a viable option.


The KL Monorail runs an elevated track which takes you easily to the eastern side of KL city. To get to the trains, you need to go up the lift.steps/escalators at the eastern end of the building into Nu Sentral. The direction to the trains is well signposted.

The trains are mostly standing room, with only a few seats. However, as the tracks are elevated, you’ll get a good view of the city as you pass by. The Monorail is also owned by RapidKL, so you can use your myrapid card on this service as well.

Mass Rapid Transit line (MRT)

The most recent addition to the transport options is the Mass Rapid Transit service (MRT) the first phase of which now completed.

This line links Sungei Buloh (connecting with the KTM Komuter) in the north and Kajang in the south. KL Sentral Station connects to the Muzium Negara station, by a tunnel/covered bridge at the eastern end of the station.

Airline Offices, changing money

Both Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air have ticketing offices in KL Sentral. The Malaysia Airlines office is located at the Eastern end of the building, while Malindo Air’s office is behind the check-in counters, on the south side of the building.

Both these airlines encourage passengers to use their KL Sentral check-in counter and then use the KLIAEkspres straight to KLIA.

AirAsia has an office and ticketing counter above the concourse, beside the Intercity train Departure area.  You can also purchase tickets for AirAsia and other airline flights from the travel agents in the western space.

There are a number of options available for money changing with at least half a dozen services available. Check the rates at the different stands, located in the western hall.

Storage and Toilet facilities

Toilets are available at various locations around the station. You can also find toilets near the storage lockers located beneath the staircase at the northern end of the station. The lockers come in various sizes and are a ‘pay per entry’ system, so make sure you put in everything you want to leave for the duration you need the locker.

Change cash for tokens at the machines at the entrance to the corridor. Please note: Lockers have been moved. They are now upstairs, at the northern end of the station, beside the intercity train departure area.

Food choices

Within KL Sentral, there are four main places to find food.

  • Fast food upstairs beside the Intercity train area, at the northern side of the building.
  • There are fast food outlets including a food court, ‘Food Loft’ spread around the main concourse.
  • At the northern end a corridor to the western side has a number of food outlets.
  • You will find more outlets and a convenience store as this corridor opens out at the western end.
  • You can find popular coffee chain outlets in the tunnel leading to the MRT.


You can pick up drinks, snacks and books for your journey at the shops upstairs outside the departure gate of the intercity and international trains.

Down on the main concourse level, there’s a book store with a range of inexpensive paperbacks. You can find it in the corridor joining the main and western halls at the northern end. A number of shops selling clothes, phone cards, small electronics items and phone accessories, can also be found here. There are more in the more open space in the hall on the western side.

NuSentral is a multi-story Mall at the southern end of the Station. Lots of food and shopping choices as well as a supermarket.

Things to see nearby, accommodation

While there isn’t any accommodation available within the station proper, there are a number of four and five star hotels within easy walking distance. Among these you can find the KL Hilton, Le Meridian and recently the St Regis Hotel to name but a few. More reasonably priced accommodation is available across the road in Brickfields, or one stop away on the LRT around Pasar Seni station.

Nu Sentral shopping mall houses the KL Monorail station and has a wide variety of shopping outlets, a department store, cafes, bakeries and restaurants.

The other side of Nu Sentral is Brickfields, one of the older sections of Kuala Lumpur. Little India is a wonderful place to visit for the food, smells, beautiful Indian clothes and trinkets to take home.

From the Monorail get a birds eye view into the various temples and mosques nearby, as you pass through Brickfields.


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