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IATA Travel Pass trials start at Malaysia Airlines

May 3, 20213 minute read
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IATA Travel Pass trials are now underway on Malaysia Airlines flights to London, the first of which, MH4, flew out on 29th April 2021. The airline is the first in Malaysia and among the first few in the world conducting IATA Travel Pass trials. The pass is a mobile phone application used for digital health verification and paves the way for introduction of Malaysia Airlines’ Digital Travel Health Pass.

 IATA Travel Pass trials

The trial will be conducted on flights out of Kuala Lumpur to London until 27th May 2021. Selected passengers travelling on the first ‘trial flight’ were the first to have access to the new application. The app collates all the information passengers need to know in order to travel in one, simple easy-to-navigate application. At this stage, the pilot trial is only available passengers for with mobile phones running the iOS operating system.

The pilot works alongside government, border authorities, other airlines and stakeholders to reintroduce safe and secure travel. This is part of the development of a more user-friendly final version of the airline’s Digital Travel Health Pass which considers technical and cultural factors.

Group Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer of Malaysia Airlines, Lau Yin May, “We look forward to the future, where we can empower our passengers to travel once again, with freedom back in their hands……

The IATA Travel Pass acts as a centralised hub for all the necessary information. This empowers passengers struggling with ever-changing travel requirements and stringent safety and security requirements. The Pass aims to:

  • create a seamless and smooth check-in experience for passengers,
  • easier verification and flight status approval

It allows passengers to:

  • create a digital ID
  • profile photo
  • ePassport compiled from the traveller’s passport information

Passengers can input their travel details into the application and receive up-to-date information on the travel requirements of their journey. The Klang Valley has15 clinics and accredited testing labs working with the airline towards a network wide roll-out. When complete, passengers will use the application’s “Connect” feature to register at the clinic/lab with their flight information and digital ID. Centralised on the app, passengers will view their test results and receive their confirmation to fly. Currently, passengers are still required to present physical documents and confirmed status at check-in as per government and airline requirements.

Considering the sensitive nature of the information shared, passengers have full control over their personal information, as passenger data and information are stored locally on a passenger’s mobile phones rather than a centralised database.

In light of these developments, Malaysia Airlines has been awarded a Seven Stars rating for COVID-19 Health and Safety from Airline Ratings. This recognises the airline’s efforts to ensure the highest levels of compliance, safety, security and comfortability in travel, allowing passengers to Fly Confidently.

To find out more visit Malaysia Airlines/fly-with-confidence.html.

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