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Firefly to resume flights to Singapore

April 9, 20192 minute read
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Malaysia Airlines subsidiary Firefly will resume flights to Singapore soon, following an agreement between Malaysia and Singapore. The renewed service will link Kuala Lumpur’s closest airport at Subang (SZB) to Singapore’s Seletar airport (XSP).

Following the meeting to finalise the agreement, the Transport Ministers issued a joint statement:

…. With this agreement, the Transport Ministers look forward to FlyFireFly Sdn Bhd’s (Firefly) commencement of flights to Seletar Airport effective April this year.

Flights to Singapore Seletar Airport

The move to Seletar airport is a result of the decision to move all turboprop flights from Singapore ‘s Changi Airport from 1st December 2018. Firefly was directly affected as its fleet is exclusively made up of the ATR-72 turboprop aircraft. 

The planned move did not take place on 1st December due to Malaysia’s objection to the new landing procedures for Seletar. The procedures reportedly imposed height restrictions which would affect development in Pasir Gudang.  Firefly announced on 23rd November that it would suspend all flights to Singapore from 1st December, as the Changi Airport slots were no longer available.

Following government to government discussions, the issues have been resolved, resulting in the resumption of flights, albeit to a new airport. Seletar Airport is located in the north or the island, close to the border with Malaysia’s Johor state. As Seletar is located well away from Changi airport, the new services will appeal to commuter traffic. Given this scenario, Firefly will focus on business travellers and end-point travellers.

 Although the fights are still not showing as available on the Firefly website, it has been indicated that the service will start at the end of April 2019. 

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