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by on October 27, 2018

When AirAsia introduced their EZpay multi-currency payment card, this writer trotted along to find out more and signed up for one. But never used it. Mainly because the card was really only useful when travelling overseas and a deposit in Malaysian Ringgit needed to be converted to the local currency before use. So when it was replaced by their latest offering, BigPay card, I was somewhat sceptical. However, I decided to sign up when I attended an event where the card was being promoted and spoke to people who already had the card. They found it useful, so I made the required minimum deposit to register.

Enter the BigPay card

Registration is done online at or by downloading the app on your iPhone or Android. You need a valid Malaysian phone number to register, but you don’t have to be a Malaysian citizen.

BigPay has a number of the features of an e-wallet, the big difference being that you will get a physical card. This card is a pre-paid Mastercard usable across the world, at shops, ATMs and online.

Physical Card

You should receive your card within 5-7 days of registration. Make sure you check that you have entered the address correctly, or it won’t arrive. Log in to the app to check the progress. My tracking was stuck at ‘Printing Card’ for the longest time. Then I decided to ask. My address was entered incorrectly. They needed about 2 weeks to block the earlier card and issue a new one, hence the first screen.

  • When the card is delivered,
    • open the app
    • perform the activation.

This takes less than 5 minutes.

  • **Remember to sign your card.

What else can BigPay do?

  • No fee Forex
    • Pay with BigPay in the local currency when you’re abroad
    • Get the best exchange rate – with no extra fees
    • No need to change cash before you go
  • Expense Tracking
    • Automatic, categorised expenses tracking within the app
    • Keeps a track of what you spend and where
  • Instant money transfer
    • No fee
    • Quick & easy process
    • 3 taps from home screen

How can I save with BigPay?

  • Save on AirAsia flights
    • access to exclusive sales
    • pay with BigPay – no convenience fee
  • Top up with your preferred credit card
    • transaction is a purchase on your card (it is not a cash advance)
    • earn Rewards points on your credit card
  • Log in as a BIG member (not a member? Sign up for free)
    • get member discounts on fares
    • earn BIG Points

For more information visit their website or check out their Facebook page and Twitter.

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