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AirAsia launches AseanPass

February 24, 20152 minute read
The AirAsia ASEANPass

In a ceremony held in Bangkok on 23rd February 2015, AirAsia introduced the “AirAsia AseanPass” and the “AirAsia AseanPass+” a new initiative to boost seamless travel within the ASEAN region.

Available with immediate effect from the AirAsia website, the Pass offers credits which can be used to purchase flights within the member countries. The AirAsia AseanPass will retail at RM499 for 10 credits and the AirAsia AseanPass+ for RM888 with 20 credits.

In announcing this new product in Kuala Lumpur last November with his co-founder of AirAsia, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun  AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes said, “As a truly Asean airline, we are extremely proud to introduce the AirAsia Asean Pass, which is a product specifically designed to further liberalise and encourage travel among the Asean community. The pass allows us to bridge communities and attract more foreign tourists to the region- it’s the perfect instrument to promote Asean integration.”

He added “We are constantly enhancing the way guests fly with us and the AirAsia Asean Pass is another innovation that we have put in place to make flying more efficient and enjoyable. We are working on additional enhancements that will further benefit guests traveling from non Asean destinations.”

 AirAsia AseanPass logoBenefits of the AirAsia AseanPass

Holders of the AirAsia Asean Pass and the AirAsia Asean Pass+ can enjoy flights at a fixed-rate to over 148 routes across all 10 Asean countries. Acting like a single currency, it diminishes the hassle of different foreign exchange rates as flights are valued according to credits, allowing guests to be creative in planning their ideal trip through the Asean countries.

Flights with a duration of below two hours are valued at 1 credit, while flights of two hours and above are valued at 3 credits.
No processing fee applies for flight redemptions using the AirAsia Asean Pass and Asean Pass+. Airport charges/tax and other fees will be payable separately. The pass can also be purchased as a gift for another traveller.

The AirAsia Asean Pass and Asean Pass+ credits are redeemable for travel with AirAsia Malaysia (AK), Thai AirAsia (FD), AirAsia Indonesia (QZ) and Philippines AirAsia (Z2) to Asean destinations only.

For a detailed list of flights redeemable with the AirAsia Asean Pass and Asean Pass+ and other applicable terms and conditions, or to purchase the AseanPass, please go to the AirAsia website.

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