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Is your carry-on bag the right size?

by Lesleyon September 21, 2018
Ever had your carry-on bag rejected at the departure gate? Be prepared with this hand new app available for iOS.

Brisbane International Airport Arrivals

Brisbane International Airport : Arrivals

by Lesleyon February 11, 2018
Brisbane International Arrivals are now smoother with on-going developments to upgrade the airport facilities and procedures. Immigration and and Customs checks are also quicker following the implementation of electronic processing.

Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport: top tips for getting around easily

by Lesleyon November 23, 2016
Phuket Airport International Terminal is new and easy to get around.

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Check-in early this festive season

by Lesleyon June 29, 2016
We wish all our readers celebrating the festival of Eid, wherever you may be, a safe and happy time. Stay safe these holidays and if you're flying check-in early. If you're driving plan your journey, check your vehicle and stay alert.

seat selection, Qantas A330 seating

Qantas adds extra to seat selection

by Lesleyon December 18, 2015
Qantas announces some changes to make seat selection easier.

check-in options

Six tips to ease check-in for your holiday flights

by Lesleyon September 23, 2015
Holiday periods can be stressful when you have to get through a busy airport. Here are half a dozen quick tips to ease the check-in process.

check-in online

Check-in online for your flight and save time

by Lesleyon August 24, 2015
If you've ever stood for a long time in a check-in queue, here are some reasons for use the alternative methods of checking in for your flight.

hand carry

What can I hand carry on board my flight?

by Lesleyon June 30, 2015
Negotiate the many rules of what you can and can't take on board an international or domestic flight as hand carry items.