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Phuket Airport,fully Vaxxed
October 15, 2021

Fully vaxxed, where to travel first?

First condition for travel to most countries these days, is that only fully vaxxed travellers will be allowed, both on airlines and at border control.
EBelia Credit With BigPay
June 2, 2021

Claim your RM150 eBelia credit with BigPay

Young people between 18 and 20 and students can claim eBelia credit with BigPay and get more than just the eBelia credit. No card? Signing up is free and easy to do.
Post-Covid Travel Costs,Covid-19,KLIA/klia2,Digital Passports
May 10, 2021

Digital passports, the ins and outs

Digital passports to show your Covid-19 test results or vaccination status may be the way to a new normal and the restart of international travel.
Airtrain Return For Free
April 21, 2021

Return for free on Brisbane Airtrain

Buy Brisbane Airtrain tickets and return for free in their on-going promo as borders reopen. Available for incoming and outgoing passengers.
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