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Jetstar To Kuala Lumpur – Which Terminal?
October 25, 2014

Jetstar to Kuala Lumpur – which terminal?

** Update: From 8th July 2015, Jetstar will move to KLIA2, about 2km from the current terminal KLIA. We have the latest information regarding the move here. The information below is current up until 7th July 2015. If you're travelling…

Gold Coast Airport By Public Transport
April 27, 2014

Gold Coast Airport by Public Transport

Catching the train from Brisbane to the Gold Coast if you have a flight leaving after 9.30am is a comfortable and cost effective option.
Empty Seat Option
November 28, 2013

Empty Seat Option

Can you make an economy flight a premium experience on a low cost airline? The short answer - yes, but you have to pay for it. AirAsia X however has made this extremely affordable through an ever-diversifying range of 'upgrade…

Brisbane’s Airtrain
December 15, 2012

Brisbane’s Airtrain

What did we do before the Airtrain? If you couldn't convince someone to come and get you from Brisbane Airport at 2 in the morning (thanks, wonderful Emirates schedule), options were limited to taxis and the bus. One was expensive…

December 7, 2012


WorldMate is one of many online travel assistants that you can get these days, but this and TripIt seem to be the most common.  This review focusses on WorldMate, which is created by San Francisco-based WorldMate Inc.  I have been using WorldMate since it was a…

Upgrade Through Optiontown
December 2, 2012

Upgrade through Optiontown

You’ve booked yourself a sweet deal on Air Asia X and are planning your Asian getaway on what is probably your first long haul flight on a low cost carrier, when out of the blue you get an email. These emails…

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