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Identify The Place
October 16, 2015

Don’t remember where you took that shot?

Can't remember where that place was? Or found a photo of an unknown place that looks great to visit and wondered 'Where is this?'. Well, there is actually a website that can help you. Even better - it's free!
Nap At The Airport
September 8, 2015

Need a place to nap at the airport? – Kuala Lumpur

We've had a good look round to find the various options available for travellers in transit through Kuala Lumpur's two side by side airports. Whether you are flying on from the same airport or need to change to the other, you should find your nap time answer here.
August 17, 2015

Travel vaccinations

Travel authorities often recommend and sometimes require travel vaccinations. We've put together a small list of links to get you started and questions to ask yourself and your doctor.
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