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interesting discoveries, Kansai

Visit Japan: 10 really useful things to know

by Lesleyon September 17, 2017
Our interesting and useful discoveries helped us make a list of ten really useful things to know when visiting Japan.
MRT to Kajang,combo ticket to KLIA

Take a day trip by MRT to Kajang

by Lesleyon July 25, 2017
We caught the new MRT to Kajang to check out the route and have some famous Kajang satay for lunch.
stay safe on the road

Go for a Drive: Staying safe on unfamiliar roads

by Lesleyon June 27, 2017
Stay safe on the road when you travel, especially if you decide to drive in unfamiliar territory.

practical tips Cambodia

Cambodia on a budget – 5 top practical tips

by Lesleyon December 14, 2016
Practical tips Cambodia - a few suggestions in answer the questions you may ask before you arrive in Cambodia.

Amsterdam in a day on a budget

by Lesleyon June 17, 2016
If you've only got one day, Amsterdam is a perfect place to spend it, but you'll still only scratch the surface.

Myanmar on a budget – navigating Yangon

by Lesleyon January 23, 2016
Navigating Yangon is an adventure in itself. If you have the time, try out the different types of transport used by local people.

visiting Jakarta

Jakarta on a budget – 10 top things to do

by Lesleyon January 22, 2016
We found Jakarta to be a safe and easy place to visit. It's not 'touristy' but has some gems waiting for the visitor wanting to experience how the folk in the city live.

Vienna on a budget – top tips on getting around

by Lesleyon October 25, 2015
Public Transport in Vienna helped make a rainy visit very worthwhile.