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AirAsia Airbus A330neo exterior

AirAsia unveils new Airbus A330neo at Paris Air Show

by Brianon June 18, 2019
AirAsia has unveiled its new Airbus A330neo at the 2019 Paris Air Show; the AirAsia X long-haul workhorse will be based in Bangkok from July 2019.
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Malaysia Airlines to lease six Airbus 330-200

by Lesleyon September 27, 2017
Malaysia Airlines picks up six Airbus 330-200 to take advantage of good traffic on medium haul routes.
AirAsia X Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur

AirAsia X : Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur

by Lesleyon February 3, 2017
AirAsia X Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur - we look at the flight as well as getting to, and through the airport.

great fares to Wuhan

AirAsia X offers great fares to Wuhan

by Lesleyon January 17, 2017
Great fares to Wuhan are now available with AirAsia X to celebrate this new direct service, flying on their Airbus A330-300.
best standard AirAsia X seat

Best standard seat on an AirAsia X A330

by Lesleyon January 16, 2017
Choosing the best standard AirAsia X seat is subjective, but we give you an inside look to help find the best one for you.
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AirAsia X : Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast

by Lesleyon December 29, 2016
AirAsia X Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast offers one of the few direct choices of flights to southern Queensland from Kuala Lumpur.

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Malaysia Airlines to fly A330 to Hong Kong

by Lesleyon October 26, 2016
You can soon fly the Malaysia Airlines A330-323 daily on the Kuala Lumpur-Hong Kong route.

AirAsia X adds two new Airbus A330-300s

by Lesleyon June 2, 2016
AirAsia X has taken delivery of their last two A330-300 aircraft before the planned arrival of their A330-900NEO in 2018.