Airbnb has changed

Airbnb has changed, more flexible

by Lesleyon June 11, 2021
Airbnb has changed and adapted to the post pandemic travel situation. Flexibility and ease of use are key.

revenge travel

Revenge travel is a real thing!

by Lesleyon May 8, 2021
What is revenge travel? When we started this piece, the term was so new, even Wikipedia didn't have a definition for it! We explain and give you some ideas.

group tours, claiming ticket refunds

A Guide to Group Tours: Are they for me?

by Lesleyon October 15, 2019
Group tours can take many forms and make travelling a lot easier, depending on your needs. We share four things to help you decide if it's for you.

Tune Hotel klia2

Tune Hotel klia2 Premium Rooms

by Cameronon July 7, 2017
Tune Hotel klia2 now offers Premium Rooms with upgraded features for a more comfortable transit stay at a reasonable price.

Catch the Ferry – Hook of Holland to Harwich

by Lesleyon July 21, 2016
We write about our trip on a Stena Line ferry and include a few tips to make the most of your trip.

nap at the airport

Need a place to nap at the airport? – Kuala Lumpur

by Lesleyon September 8, 2015
We've had a good look round to find the various options available for travellers in transit through Kuala Lumpur's two side by side airports. Whether you are flying on from the same airport or need to change to the other, you should find your nap time answer here.

Airbnb user experience, Airbnb Community Commitment

Airbnb – a user experience in Europe / UK

by Lesleyon April 6, 2015
Some practical tips for choosing your accommodation with Airbnb. Your Airbnb user experience is enhanced if you plane in advance.

Booking Airbnb

AirBnB – the Ups and Downs when booking

by Lesleyon February 9, 2015
Booking Airbnb is not difficult, but you do need to know a few things before you get started. It also helps if you have a plan with dates all ready.