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stay safe on the road

Go for a Drive: Staying safe on unfamiliar roads

by Lesleyon June 27, 2017
Stay safe on the road when you travel, especially if you decide to drive in unfamiliar territory.

How far will your passport take you?

by Lesleyon May 8, 2017
Your passport is your most important identity document when you travel overseas. We explain why and give some tips on how to use it and keep it safe.

Staying safe – 5 top travel tips

by Lesleyon July 5, 2016
When you travel, you still need to consider personal safety, we've come up with a few tips to help.


8 Things to know before you go cruising

by Lesleyon February 24, 2016
With the big increase in numbers of Australians going on cruises, it's a first time for many. We have a few tips for you to ensure you enjoy the experience.
visiting Jakarta

Jakarta on a budget – 10 top things to do

by Lesleyon January 22, 2016
We found Jakarta to be a safe and easy place to visit. It's not 'touristy' but has some gems waiting for the visitor wanting to experience how the folk in the city live.
no-bag fare code,baggage allowance,free baggage allowance

Make sure your bag arrives – keep an eye on that bag!

by Lesleyon January 13, 2016
Some tips to prevent tampering, or loss of your bag to thieves at the arrival carousel.

never throw your boarding passes away

Why you should keep your boarding pass safe

by Lesleyon January 11, 2016
You may have read, or seen videos of the scary things that may happen if you throw away your boarding pass when you arrive at your destination. We have a look and separate fluff from facts.
FAA clearance for AirAsia X,Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)

AirAsia X successfully completes IATA Safety Audit (IOSA) Registration

by Lesleyon May 13, 2015
AirAsia X completes IATA's Operational Safety Audit, global safety management benchmark, joins the international safety registry.