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KLIA Ekspress tickets now sold onboard via ROKKI

by Lesleyon October 29, 2018
ERL tickets are now available on board AirAsia flights. Passengers can purchase using AirAsia’s in-flight WiFi platform ROKKI.
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AirAsia BIG Members get free Internet on ROKKI flights

by Lesleyon February 21, 2018
Get free Internet to keep in touch using Chat apps when you fly on AirAsia's AK flights if you're a BIG Member.
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Check out AirAsia’s ROKKI Wi-Fi & tonton streaming

by Lesleyon November 18, 2017
ROKKI Wi-Fi has just added popular local content streaming provider tonton to it's list. We check them out during the launch flight.

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AirAsia & roKKi – free in-flight entertainment

by Lesleyon August 14, 2016
Take your own device on board to receive free in-flight entertainment.

Tweet from the skies with AirAsia

by Lesleyon July 2, 2015
Do you feel you have a desperate need to tweet something? anything? But you're 30,000ft in the air?
roKKi Chats

AirAsia officially launches on-board Wi-Fi

by Lesleyon November 4, 2014
Air Asia has this morning, 4th November, launched  its on-board Wi-Fi service, roKKi Chats, allowing guests to use instant messaging apps while on-board selected flights. To make use of the service, patrons on board Wi-Fi enabled flights may purchase tokens on a first come, first served basis. In conjunction with the launch, patrons will enjoy an introductory […]