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5 things to take home from Prague

by Lesleyon November 5, 2018
5 things to take home from Prague
Cheapflights - Prague, Czech Republic

Winter travel: 5 places that shine when the sun won’t

by Brianon July 7, 2017
Winter might skimp on the sunshine, but it has its own charm. Tourist attractions are less crowded and winter travel is often cheaper. What's not to like?

Prague on a budget – 5 top tips

by Lesleyon December 8, 2015
A short list of practicalities, everyday needs like 'what's good to eat?' and 'how can I change money?'

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Prague on a budget – 9 top things to do

by Lesleyon December 7, 2015
It's not just places to visit, but there are enough things to do in Prague to make you want to return for more.
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Prague on a budget – 10 must visit spots

by Lesleyon December 4, 2015
It's hard to decide what you must see in Prague, the whole city is special!
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Five Train trips, six trains – Europe

by Lesleyon October 15, 2015
Five different train trips around Europe, on six different trains. We tried the Austrian, French and German fast trains, a Eurocity train and the City Night Line. Here's our assessment and a few pointers.