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Experience Penang

Experience Penang Global Tourism with AirAsia

by Lesleyon August 18, 2022
Experience Penang, 'Pearl of the Orient' as AirAsia and Penang Global Tourism help make Penang a preferred regional tourism destination post-Covid.
return to Penang

Penang: 10 reasons to keep coming back

by Lesleyon July 31, 2018
You need to return to Penang to enjoy all the state has to offer. Things to see, do, experience or just relax and eat!
Free feeder buses

Free feeder buses in Penang add to transport options

by Lesleyon February 21, 2018
Free feeder buses will help Penang commuters and travellers when they are introduced on 1st April 2018.

George Town Festival 2016 – save the dates

by Lesleyon April 17, 2016
The dates are out for this year's festival and the events are being confirmed. Here are the first events on the list - we're having trouble choosing already!
foodie heaven

Seven snacks to fill the cracks in Penang

by Lesleyon August 29, 2015
For when you need a break and it needs to be more than just a cool drink but less than a full meal.....
making fish traps

Penang on a budget – getting around

by Lesleyon July 11, 2015
If you're visiting Penang on a budget, or even if you just want to get around without spending most of your time in traffic or looking for parking, we have some ideas to help.