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Favourite places revisited

Armchair traveller: Favourite places revisited

by Lesleyon June 20, 2020
Favourite places revisited don't always delight the second time round. We share our five favourites as we wait out the Covid-19 pandemic.
travel by train

Five Train trips, six trains – Europe

by Lesleyon October 15, 2015
Five different train trips around Europe, on six different trains. We tried the Austrian, French and German fast trains, a Eurocity train and the City Night Line. Here's our assessment and a few pointers.
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Paris on a budget – what to eat

by Lesleyon August 4, 2015
Even if you're not 'into food', you still need to eat. Here are a few things to look out for in Paris without busting the budget.

Paris, River Seine

Paris on a budget – what to see

by Lesleyon July 20, 2015
Whether you visit Paris in the cooler months or in summer, there will always be plenty to see and do. You can see a lot in Paris on a budget.
Paris Pass

Paris on a budget – getting around

by Lesleyon July 19, 2015
Getting around in Paris doesn't have to cost you an arm and leg, though the legs will come in handy for walking.
Paris, accommodation

Paris on a budget – where to stay

by Lesleyon June 23, 2015
Are you planning a trip to Paris and want to stay in the best location you can afford so you make the most of your stay? Here are a few suggestions to finding the place that's right for you.