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Travel By Train
October 15, 2015

Five Train trips, six trains – Europe

Five different train trips around Europe, on six different trains. We tried the Austrian, French and German fast trains, a Eurocity train and the City Night Line. Here's our assessment and a few pointers.
Tax Refund
August 4, 2015

Paris on a budget – what to eat

Even if you're not 'into food', you still need to eat. Here are a few things to look out for in Paris without busting the budget.
Paris, River Seine
July 20, 2015

Paris on a budget – what to see

Whether you visit Paris in the cooler months or in summer, there will always be plenty to see and do. You can see a lot in Paris on a budget.
Paris, Accommodation
June 23, 2015

Paris on a budget – where to stay

Are you planning a trip to Paris and want to stay in the best location you can afford so you make the most of your stay? Here are a few suggestions to finding the place that's right for you.
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