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Courtesy Virgin Australia Corporate Communications
February 28, 2014

Virgin Australia H1 Results

We're at the pointy end of reporting season, with Virgin Australia reporting its half-year results to 31 December 2013 today. The group made an $AUD 84 million loss, compared with a $23 million profit in the corresponding 2012 period. Virgin…

Qantas Strategic Changes From H2 2014
February 27, 2014

Qantas strategic changes from H2 2014

Amongst the Qantas H1 results announcement sit some details that make for uncomfortable reading for Qantas passengers. Qantas will increase their 737 utilisation domestically, and will keep the A330 focus on coast-to-coast and peak triangle (BNE-MEL-SYD) services. Here's what they added: A330-200s…

Qantas H1 Results
February 27, 2014

Qantas H1 Results

Qantas has just announced an Underlying PBT half-year loss of AUD 252 million from July 1 2013. The troubled international division has recorded an Underlying EBIT of $262 million ($91 million a year ago) and domestic made a profit of $57 million ($218m a…

ACCC, Australian Competition And Consumer Commission
February 21, 2014

ACCC announces drip pricing crackdown

Seasoned economy travellers are familiar with the oft-used "drip pricing" strategy employed by airlines (both budget and full-service) to maximise their revenues, and your ticket price. For those less familiar, the total price you are presented with at the end of a ticketing process can be much larger than what you thought you were going to pay when you started.
Image Courtesy Sydney Airport Corporation
February 19, 2014

Sydney Airport Master Plan approved

The Australian Federal Government yesterday approved the Sydney Airport master plan, which will cover operation plans for the next 20 years. Included in this plan are way in which the airport will optimise space constraints in order to overcome congestion…

KLIA2 Opened May 2, 2014
February 19, 2014

KLIA2 opened May 2, 2014

KLIA2 opened on 2nd May 2014 and has now settled down to doing the job it was planned for. If you're arriving or flying through (fly-thru) KLIA2, this guide will help you on your way. If you're departing, or needing…

MaxYourSpace: Empty Seat Option For Scoot
February 15, 2014

MaxYourSpace: Empty Seat Option for Scoot

The Centre for Aviation is reporting that Scoot plans the rollout of an in-house version of the ESo, or Empty Seat Option, for economy travellers. The product is destined to be launched on the 777, and will be called MaxYourSpace. There…

Kuala Lumpur’s Delayed KLIA2
February 5, 2014

Kuala Lumpur’s delayed KLIA2

KLIA2 opened in May 2014 and is now handling traffic from most of the low-cost airlines that fly into Kuala Lumpur.
Qantas And Emirates A380s Parked Badly,Emiroo
March 27, 2013

Qantas-Emirates alliance gets conditional nod from ACCC

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has at long last granted final approval to the proposed alliance between Qantas and Emirates. It's been a long road, with excitement building through draft determinations, interim authorisations and now final approval. All the while,…

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