travel insurance post covid, Station 2, White Beach, Boracay , Philippines

Looking for travel insurance post covid?

by Lesleyon October 29, 2022
Looking for travel insurance post covid? We checked out these three available in Malaysia, two of which also have a global presence.
AirAsia X is back, AirAsia X Group

AirAsia X Group relaunch gains momentum

by Lesleyon October 19, 2022
The relaunch of AirAsia X Group announced in July 2022 is gaining momentum as travel demand returns. Three key areas lead the way.
face mask mandate, Qantas Group Fly Well

Malaysia relaxes flight face mask mandate

by Lesleyon September 30, 2022
Malaysia relaxes the face mask mandate for airline passengers in commercial aircraft except where usage is compulsory in destination countries.

Hong Kong scraps quarantine, Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong scraps quarantine policy

by Lesleyon September 25, 2022
Hong Kong scraps quarantine from 26th September 2022 for all arrivals after more than 2.5 years. Testing and self monitoring are still required.
Temples in Kansai, Japan tourist visa

Japan considering tourist visa waiver for late 2022

by Lesleyon September 15, 2022
A Japan tourist visa is currently required for all travellers to Japan, who must currently book using a travel agent.
Travellers Pass

Malaysia and Thailand drop Travellers Pass

by Lesleyon July 4, 2022
Malaysia has removed the Travellers Pass requirement for Malaysian citizens returning to the country from 4th July 2022.

Thailand Pass,tourists return to Thailand

Thailand Pass registration gone from 1st July 2022

by Lesleyon June 18, 2022
Visitors to the tropical Kingdom will welcome the removal of Thailand Pass scheme and the health insurance requirement from 1st July 2022.
AirAsia X is back, AirAsia X Group

AirAsia X is back with new routes

by Lesleyon June 16, 2022
AirAsia X is back with favourite destinations as well as new routes which will be added as more aircraft return to service.