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Vietnam Airlines Flight Pass,Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321-231

Vietnam Airlines Flight Pass goes with Optiontown

by Lesleyon April 23, 2020
The Vietnam Airlines Flight Pass offers greater flexibility for travel into and out of Vietnam. They've now teamed up with Optiontown to give passengers greater flexibility.
Empty Seat Option

Empty Seat Option

by Cameronon November 28, 2013
Can you make an economy flight a premium experience on a low cost airline? The short answer – yes, but you have to pay for it. AirAsia X however has made this extremely affordable through an ever-diversifying range of ‘upgrade options’ through Optiontown. Anyone who has booked an AirAsia X flight will know those constant […]
upgrade through Optiontown

Upgrade through Optiontown

by Cameronon December 2, 2012
You’ve booked yourself a sweet deal on Air Asia X and are planning your Asian getaway on what is probably your first long haul flight on a low cost carrier, when out of the blue you get an email. These emails are starting to arrive more and more often, and like spam you initially think the […]