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Malaysia Airlines CNY domestic getaways 2022

by Lesleyon January 17, 2022
Ready for domestic getaways 2022? Whether travelling for festivals or just a break, Malaysia Airlines have some 'Huat Deals'.
Chinese New Year meals

Malaysia Airlines Chinese New Year meals 2020

by Lesleyon January 21, 2020
Enjoy special Chinese New Year meals on your Malaysia Airlines flights from 25 -31 Jan 2020 on selected routes & in Golden Lounges.
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Malaysia Airlines Ups Chinese New Year Flights 2020

by Lesleyon December 19, 2019
Malaysia Airlines has added extra seats on Chinese New Year Flights for 2020 to cope with the surge in demand during the festival.

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AirAsia pawsperous deals for Chinese New Year

by Lesleyon February 2, 2018
AirAsia's pawsperous deals this Chinese New Year offer some great destinations at great prices.
Qantas to Beijing

Qantas flies Sydney – Beijing in time for Chinese New Year

by Lesleyon January 26, 2017
Fly Qantas to Beijing from Sydney starting 25th January 2017, just in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.
Chinese New Year BIG Duty Free

Chinese New Year BIG Duty Free savings on AirAsia

by Lesleyon January 22, 2017
Chinese New Year BIG Duty Free - special offers for passengers on AirAsia flights who pre-book their selections until the end of the holiday season.

AirAsia extra CNY flights

AirAsia adds extra flights for Chinese New Year 2017

by Lesleyon December 21, 2016
AirAsia extra CNY flights will be added to cope with high demand on selected domestic and international destinations.
AirAsia extra CNY flights

Check-in early this Chinese New Year and avoid the stress

by Lesleyon February 5, 2016
Another festive season is upon us, and regardless of where you're travelling, or by which means, here are a few tips to ensure your journey starts off stress-free.