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Flash Sale: 20% off AVANI Residences Gold Coast, Melbourne and Auckland until Jan 20

by Brianon January 11, 2019
AVANI is offering 20% off suites when you stay 2 or more nights at their Broadbeach, Melbourne or Auckland properties. Flash sale ends January 20, 2019.

Prague on a budget – 5 top tips

by Lesleyon December 8, 2015
A short list of practicalities, everyday needs like 'what's good to eat?' and 'how can I change money?'

Australia’s first  travelling hotel suite floats into Sydney

by Lesleyon November 12, 2015
Have a special occasion coming up but not sure what to do, and need some inspiration?

nap at the airport

Need a place to nap at the airport? – Kuala Lumpur

by Lesleyon September 8, 2015
We've had a good look round to find the various options available for travellers in transit through Kuala Lumpur's two side by side airports. Whether you are flying on from the same airport or need to change to the other, you should find your nap time answer here.

Want last minute accommodation in Australia or elsewhere?

by Lesleyon August 14, 2015
Are you looking for a last minute hotel room in an Australian city? Here's an App that can help make it easier to find somewhere that suits your taste and budget.
Paris, accommodation

Paris on a budget – where to stay

by Lesleyon June 23, 2015
Are you planning a trip to Paris and want to stay in the best location you can afford so you make the most of your stay? Here are a few suggestions to finding the place that's right for you.

Air BnB, Airbnb Community Commitment

Air BnB – a user experience in Europe / UK

by Lesleyon April 6, 2015
Some practical tips for choosing your accommodation with Airbnb.
Booking Air BnB

Air BnB – the Ups and Downs when booking

by Lesleyon February 9, 2015
With tickets booked and itinerary set, the next thing to consider when you travel is accommodation. If you’re happy to travel for three weeks or more with a backpack and a couple of t-shirts and a spare pair of jeans and undies, looking for a bed wherever you happen to land, that’s fine. That appeals […]