'name your price' upgrade

Upgrade your seat, name your price

by Lesleyon December 15, 2014
Have you purchased a confirmed Economy or Business class seat on any Malaysian Airlines flight more than 48 hours ago? The airline is offering a ‘name your price’ upgrade where you may name what you are willing to pay for a bit more comfort! Payment of course, is not made until your offer is accepted […]

Empty Seat Option

Empty Seat Option

by Cameronon November 28, 2013
Can you make an economy flight a premium experience on a low cost airline? The short answer – yes, but you have to pay for it. AirAsia X however has made this extremely affordable through an ever-diversifying range of ‘upgrade options’ through Optiontown. Anyone who has booked an AirAsia X flight will know those constant […]

upgrade through Optiontown

Upgrade through Optiontown

by Cameronon December 2, 2012
You’ve booked yourself a sweet deal on Air Asia X and are planning your Asian getaway on what is probably your first long haul flight on a low cost carrier, when out of the blue you get an email. These emails are starting to arrive more and more often, and like spam you initially think the […]