Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport: 5 things to know

by Lesleyon July 1, 2019
Adelaide Airport is the gateway to the Capital of South Australia, your entry to a gracious city, the desert, and much more to enjoy.

Brisbane International Airport Arrivals

Brisbane International Airport : Arrivals

by Lesleyon February 11, 2018
Brisbane International Arrivals are now smoother with on-going developments to upgrade the airport facilities and procedures. Immigration and and Customs checks are also quicker following the implementation of electronic processing.

Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport: top tips for getting around easily

by Lesleyon November 23, 2016
Phuket Airport International Terminal is new and easy to get around.

Tourist Refund Scheme

A Quick Look at Tax (Tourist) Refund Schemes

by Lesleyon April 4, 2015
An overview of Tax (Tourist) Refund Schemes from various countries.

GST Refund Malaysia

Claiming your GST Refund as you leave Malaysia (TRS)

by Lesleyon April 3, 2015
Claiming your GST Refund Malaysia is not difficult, but you need to know what to do before you make your purchases. With updated information on how to follow up if your refund is delayed.

GST refund,Claiming your GST refund Australia

Claiming your GST refund as you leave Australia

by Lesleyon December 1, 2014
Claiming your Australian GST paid as a tourist (your TRS refund) is now much easier, especially for bulky items you can't hand carry.