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Let’s go to the Ekka: 10 Top Tips

by Lesleyon August 6, 2018
The Ekka is the local name for the Royal Queensland Show. These are the things NOT to miss!

EkkaNIGHTS : 4 top things to enjoy

by Lesleyon August 17, 2017
EkkaNIGHTS are worth staying for at The Ekka, even if you've had a long day catching everything else there is to do.
things to do at the Ekka

Let’s go to the Ekka – where to start

by Lesleyon August 14, 2017
We checked out things to do at the Ekka the first day, before the big crowds turned up. There's lots to keep the whole family entertained and informed for the whole day.

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Let’s go to the Ekka: Getting there

by Lesleyon July 22, 2017
The Royal Queensland Show has 140 years of experience in getting it right! So you'll find there are plenty of Ekka transport options to make it easier to get there.

Let’s go to the Ekka: 10 new things in 2017

by Lesleyon July 17, 2017
EkkaNITES has plenty that's new, but throughout the day, there are extras seen at the ekka for the first time in 2017.
The Ekka,Ekka 2017

Let’s go to the Ekka – Royal Queensland Show

by Lesleyon July 15, 2017
Ekka 2017 celebrates 140 years of this great agricultural show. It's great place for locals and visitors alike and a genuine cultural experience.

The Ekka,Ekka 2017

Let’s go to the Ekka!

by Lesleyon July 25, 2015
Mid-August is Ekka time in Brisbane. There's lots to see and do and if you're visiting from out of town, you can pick up a special deal on the Brisbane Airtrain as well.