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No more hidden airfare charges in Malaysia

by Lesleyon May 24, 2019
Hidden airfare charges can be a big shock when you find a 'cheap' fare that suits your budget, because they can 'bump up' the final price by a lot. No more for Malaysian bookings!

Consumer rights for air travellers : 8 things to know

by Lesleyon April 10, 2017
Consumer rights for airline passengers have been slow in coming in some countries. The Montreal Convention is the guiding principle in the development of Consumer RIghts frameworks.
ACCC, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Aussie airlines drop pre-selected booking options

by Brianon December 2, 2016
In the last two days, three of Australia's major airlines have finally dropped pre-selected optional extras during the booking process.

ACCC, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Australian airlines booking & service fees found to be misleading

by Lesleyon November 18, 2015
Court finds that the "drip pricing" strategy of adding a booking fee to low priced airfares contravenes Australian Consumer Law.
ACCC, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

ACCC announces drip pricing crackdown

by Brianon February 21, 2014
Seasoned economy travellers are familiar with the oft-used "drip pricing" strategy employed by airlines (both budget and full-service) to maximise their revenues, and your ticket price. For those less familiar, the total price you are presented with at the end of a ticketing process can be much larger than what you thought you were going to pay when you started.