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Mirus Hawk seating

AirAsia presents their Mirus Hawk seating

by Lesleyon March 31, 2018
AirAsia's Mirus Hawk seating is being installed in their new Airbus 320 aircraft. The airline is the launch customer for the new slimline seating.
Mirus Slimline seating

AirAsia unveils new slimline seats in RedQ Innovation lab

by Lesleyon March 20, 2017
AirAsia is the launch customer for Mirus Slimline seating - their new Hawk slimline economy seat goes into aircraft in 2017.
AirAsia signs

AirAsia signs up to launch new slimline seating

by Lesleyon April 7, 2016
We're looking forward to seeing these new Mirus slimline seats in AirAsia's A320s.