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TRAVEL ALERT: US cabin electronics ban partially lifted

by Brianon July 6, 2017
The US cabin electronics ban has been partially lifted for inbound Middle East passengers, including those flying from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
electronics restrictions

TRAVEL ALERT: Cabin electronics restrictions on US and UK flights

by Brianon March 23, 2017
New restrictions are set to restrict carriage of electronic devices larger than a mobile phone on some flights bound for the United States and the UK
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Exploding phone batteries results in ban

by Lesleyon October 18, 2016
Exploding phone batteries, especially in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 model have resulted in a total ban on their carriage on most airlines worldwide.

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Ban on carriage of Hoverboards/balance boards widens

by Lesleyon December 29, 2015
AirAsia is the latest to ban hoverboards, joining a growing list of airlines enforcing the ban. Virgin Australia shows how strictly this is being enforced.
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Can I carry this in my luggage? Batteries

by Lesleyon December 16, 2015
We carry so many electronic devices needing lithium ion batteries these days that it's useful to be sure we can carry them on board with us, or in our checked baggage.