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AirAsia Group: more flights and special fares

by Lesleyon December 1, 2022
AirAsia responds to growing air travel demand, reinstating existing routes, adding new ones across the Group in AirAsia X, Malaysia and Thai AirAsia.
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AirAsia brings back Kuala Lumpur – Kaohsiung

by Lesleyon November 15, 2022
After more than 2 years, you can now fly AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur - Kaohsiung or Taipei, or Kota Kinabalu - Taipei.
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New AirAsia route from Penang, new pilots

by Lesleyon November 11, 2022
A new AirAsia route from Penang to Phnom Penh takes off in December 2022. With new routes, new pilots and cabin crew come on board.


Fly direct to Yogyakarta with Malaysia Airlines

by Lesleyon November 8, 2022
Fly Yogyakarta direct on Malaysia Airlines’ 2X weekly service making six Indonesian choices with Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya, Medan & Pekanbaru.
Auckland with AirAsia X

‘Kia Ora’ Auckland with AirAsia X

by Lesleyon November 5, 2022
You can now say 'Kia Ora Auckland with AirAsia X (AAX) following the resumption of flights from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland, via Sydney.
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Batik Air brings back flights to Da Nang

by Lesleyon November 4, 2022
Batik Air is bringing back flights to Da Nang in Vietnam after a hiatus during the border closures of 2020 - early 2022.

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Everyone wants to visit Japan as borders reopen

by Lesleyon November 1, 2022
It looks like everyone wants to visit Japan now borders have reopened. Huge pent up demand is driving extra flights from across the world.
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Which Indonesian Visa do I need for Bali?

by Lesleyon October 18, 2022
Citizens of all ASEAN countries now have visa-free entry to Indonesia, the Visa on Arrival (VoA)has come back for most other countries.