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Temples in Kansai

8 days in Kansai, 8 top temples to visit

by Lesleyon October 15, 2017
There are so many Temples in Kansai, it is difficult to choose which ones to visit, especially if you have limited time.
more things to do in Penang

Penang on a budget – ideas for a day out Part 2

by Lesleyon July 19, 2015
A few more things to do in Penang to fill a day (or more) in George Town.
things to do in Penang,Penang direct from Doha

Penang on a budget – ideas for a day out Part 1

by Lesleyon July 16, 2015
Spend a day on Penang Island - some ideas for where to walk, visit and which bus you need.

Street Art

Penang on a budget – fill a morning

by Lesleyon July 12, 2015
A few ideas for a morning (or even a whole day if you don't want to rush) in George Town, with a stop for a quick drink and snack.
Reclining Buddha Penang

Four days in Penang – fill an afternoon

by Lesleyon July 4, 2015
If you're arriving for a few days' stay in Penang, Pearl of the Orient, and you still have half a day of the first one to fill, here are a few ideas to get you started.