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Free feeder buses

Free feeder buses in Penang add to transport options

by Lesleyon February 21, 2018
Free feeder buses will help Penang commuters and travellers when they are introduced on 1st April 2018.
Canberra free city bus loop

Canberra launches free city bus loop service

by Lesleyon July 5, 2016
Visitors and locals wanting an easier way to get around Canberra City now have a new service, the Canberra free city bus loop - and it's free.

Free Bus Tickets for JCB cardmembers

by Lesleyon December 3, 2015
If you're travelling to Fukuoka in Japan, here's your chance to get free bus tickets until the end of February 2016.

things to do in Penang,Penang direct from Doha

Penang on a budget – ideas for a day out Part 1

by Lesleyon July 16, 2015
Spend a day on Penang Island - some ideas for where to walk, visit and which bus you need.
making fish traps

Penang on a budget – getting around

by Lesleyon July 11, 2015
If you're visiting Penang on a budget, or even if you just want to get around without spending most of your time in traffic or looking for parking, we have some ideas to help.