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Durians: 5 ways to choose, taste & enjoy

by Lesleyon May 3, 2018
Durian is grown across much of South East Asia and is a popular treat in a wider area. Find out how you can join the durian fans.
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Street Food – Finding the World’s Best

by Lesleyon June 19, 2017
The World Street Food Congress 2017 has announced their top 50 best street food awards for the year. Is your favourite on the list?

Amsterdam in a day on a budget

by Lesleyon June 17, 2016
If you've only got one day, Amsterdam is a perfect place to spend it, but you'll still only scratch the surface.

Vietnam, Hanoi, high travel demand

Vietnam on a budget – 10 things to do in Hanoi

by Lesleyon March 2, 2016
Hanoi is growing in popularity. It's a lively city, easy to enjoy, even on a tight budget.

Berlin on a budget – 5 top tips

by Lesleyon February 28, 2016
A very quick visit to Berlin and we barely scraped the surface. You could spend more than a week and still have lots to enjoy.

Prague on a budget – 5 top tips

by Lesleyon December 8, 2015
A short list of practicalities, everyday needs like 'what's good to eat?' and 'how can I change money?'

make the most of Vienna

Vienna on a budget – too little time, what must I see?

by Lesleyon October 26, 2015
Even though we had only a day and a half to explore, we didn't do too badly. Recommendation - stay longer!
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Seven snacks to fill the cracks in Penang

by Lesleyon August 29, 2015
For when you need a break and it needs to be more than just a cool drink but less than a full meal.....