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Quarantine-free travel lane

Quarantine-free travel lane eases Singapore entry

by Lesleyon October 10, 2021
Quarantine-free travel lane eases Singapore entry for fully vaccinated travellers (VTL), with expansion of countries from 19 October 2021.
Vaccinated Pilots and Cabin Crew

Vaccinated Pilots and Cabin Crew for SIA Group

by Lesleyon February 15, 2021
Vaccinated Pilots and Cabin Crew are appearing on Singapore Airlines Group flights with first 'full house' on 11th Feb 2021.
transit flights through Singapore,Singapore Changi Airport

SIA and SilkAir transit flights through Singapore

by Lesleyon June 12, 2020
SIA Group now offering limited transit flights through Singapore from selected Australian cities on Singapore Airlines, SilkAir & Scoot.

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SIA Group prepares for post-Covid-19

by Lesleyon May 18, 2020
The SIA Group, with three airlines and a cargo arm is positioning itself to be ready for an improved flying experience post Covid-19.
Hiroshima, Singapore - Cairns,Silkair Boeing 737-800, cabin product upgrade,Silkair routes

Hiroshima to be cut from Silkair routes

by Lesleyon March 5, 2020
Hiroshima will be cut from the Singapore Airlines Group network when SilkAir ceases flights on 27th March 2020 due to weakening demand.