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Firefly’s ‘Petrol Crazy Campaign’ 2015

June 18, 201543 second read

If you’re in Malaysia, have a car and are planning on making a short flight, here’s a way to win some petrol money as well!

Firefly has launched Petrol Crazy 2 in conjunction with with Petron Malaysia and Star Radio Group.

The campaign will run between 15th and 26th June 2015.

How can  I win?

First purchase a flight ticket from Firefly.

Then listen to RED FM, SuriaFM or Capital FM for the ‘Password of the day’.

Drop into a participating Petron station, show your valid Booking Number and ID Card and complete the form to claim RM50 worth of Blaze 97RON petrol.

Any other conditions?

The reward is based on a first come first serve basis where only one name per booking may be used to claim the entitlement.

Each designated Petron Station shall have a maximum cap of RM2, 000 worth of redeemable Blaze 97RON petrol.

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